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Mt. Agamenticus

Mount Agamenticus rises 692 feet above sea level and offers something for all riders, especially for the intermediate and expert riders with good technical skills and endurance. The skill level of the trails vary, but is generally forgiving. If you are looking for an easy place to ride, then park at the top of the mountain and enjoy the open fields. If steep, brutal downhills are what you are after, then the old ski trails on the backside of the mountain is the place for you. In the spring or when it rains, the trails transform into a technical course of mud, slippery roots and slick rocks. Give yourself plenty of time because Mount Agamenticus can easily consume a whole day.

There are a few trails that do not allow bikes, please stay off of these restricted trails, you won't be missing much. The local trail group MTA-NEMBA has worked hard to create a series of trails that will fill any kind of riding fun you may want from technical and big drops to casual double track.

There are 2 main riding areas here, the triple hills consisting of the main mountain combined with 2nd and 3rd Hills and the trails on the other side of the paved road known as the Follys which loop around Welchs, Folly and Middle ponds. More information on riding at the Follys can be found in our trail database here.

The Mount Agamenticus region covers nearly 30,000 acres in the southern Maine towns of Eliot, Ogunquit, South Berwick, Wells and York. The Mount Agamenticus area contains an incredible diversity of plant and animal communities, many of which are rare in this region. This is one of the largest remaining unfragmented forests in coastal New England and is unlike any place on earth providing an important habitat for moose, white-tailed deer, and black bears. State, local and nonprofit organizations like MTANEMBA are working together to protect this area and manage the balance between wildlife, water quality and recreation. This Mount Agamenticus trails provide exceptional wildlife habitat for the recreation use of bikers, hikers, equestrians and ATV riders. To ensure long-term trail quality and to protect against erosion, the trails are designated for specific uses meaning not all of the trails are for bikers. There are few beginner trails at Mount Agamenticus and it is easy to get lost. Pay attention and ride with a friend.

Mount Agamenticus is famous as one of Maine's favorite hawk-watching sites. Each fall, thousands of migrating hawks, including Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles and Osprey are viewed from the summit.

From 1966 thru 1974, a ski area operated on the mountain. Only a single, rusty T-Bar lift remains today, the former ski trails have all been taken back over by mother nature. A silent reminder of a once flurishing ski business.

At the entrance of the park is a dedication to St. Aspinquid, a native American medicine man who was buried on the mountain. It is customary to add stones to the top of his grave.

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Mount Agamenticus offers something for all skill levels, especially for the intermediate and expert riders with good technical skills and endurance. In the spring or if it recently rained, those technical skills will be in constant use over the slippery roots and rocks. From technical and big drops to casual double track. You name it, Aggie has it! Mount Agamenticus can easily consume a whole day.

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