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Mission Statement is dedicated, first and foremost to providing mountain bikers world wide with entertainment, inspiration and advice, so they can have the best riding experience possible. By combining new technology with talented writers, photographers, artists and event organizers, we aim to create the most informative and entertaining New England mountain bike community on the web. This site is content driven and will adhere to the highest possible standards of journalistic integrity.

Born on the trail in July 2002 by three strangers on a local ride, has become New England's First and Best Mountain Bike Resource, bringing together riders of all disciplines from around the region. provides users with local trail information, cycling news, product reviews and articles on the industry and races. Offline, sponsors race series, competitions, MTB-only nights at Rye Airfield, video premiers and festivals. is also deeply involved in trail advocacy with IMBA and NEMBA. Ride - Log On - Ride More

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